Quni Episode 11: Quantum Entanglement and Implications for Time Dilation

Steven:Okay. This is audio check.

Welcome to the Poet's Guide to the Qniverse. My name is Steven [inaudible]. I'm a lifetime prisoner of the tech industry from Seattle, Washington. What you're about to hear is my poetical view and some might say heretical view of the quantum universe and its applicability to computing in society and ethics and other human endeavors.

This is not an attempt to make an academic statement. If you're wondering why I'm doing this podcast, I can tell you why. Because the real universe as opposed to the Qniverse has tried to kill me a few times and we'll get into that in other podcasts.

One of the things that left me when I had my stroke and brain damage was a gift to understand and talk about this stuff, and maybe even create music. We'll see how that turns out. So thanks for listening, and just of note, if you have small children or if you don't like them hearing expletives, please listen at a time where it won't disturb them. My personal opinion is that expletives never hurt anyone. In fact kids are quite cool and creative. Enjoy the podcast. Take care. May all your endeavors bring love and joy to the world. Thanks for listening to the Qniverse, the Poet's Guide to the Qniverse.

I'm so glad you can join me. We're gonna have a really cool discussion. We're gonna break it into two parts. We're gonna do some pretty hardcore science. We're gonna talk about entangled spin measurement across time delay signaling listening stations. So, I think that we're going to have to start talking about the detective part of the signaling pathway. In other words, our ability to read spin charge off of our entangled atoms.

I'd like to start calling that the oracle, because in fact you don't actually know what you have until you read it. So, just a little plug for Microsoft. I was applying there for a job there and I really wanted to be called the oracle of the Microsoft [inaudible], maybe they'll give me a title like [inaudible]. Who knows, so wish me luck on my interviews. We'll see where it goes.

So let's start in the science part and then we're gonna deep dive into the world of Go Fund Me and building a record label. Because we like to combine art and science because science is state of the art and art is state of science. Real innovation and the coolest ... the very coolest innovation happens in art, so welcome to the healing arts, or Hak Loud. We are the state of art.

One day, and maybe this is gonna be our first state of the art speech, who knows. One thing I've gotta do is figure out a better workstation for me to perform at, but that's okay. We'll get there. We're just a startup. That will get us into the Go Fund Me campaign later.

As you know, I've been riffing on the whole idea of quantum and entanglement and materials for spin and charge conversion. So let's walk through a little bit of architectural view of this. We've got a [inaudible] inspired quantum processor and then we've used ... I don't know, let's pick a topological superconductor so we can entangle two ions. Then we take that ion and we put it inside another quantum processor and you should see within a reasonable level of certainty that after you run your sure algorithms on both sides [inaudible] that signaling pair, you should actually be able to see some fairly statistical correlation between the spin charge. Detections you're seeing in the above processes. Because if they're unentangled what you'll be hearing are in fact random numbers coming from a randomized entanglement somewhere else in the universe, or the quantum universe, or the Q-universe. Q-ni. The Q-ni, yeah.

Okay. So let's start riffing a little bit on the time dilation paradox. This is one of the things that really, really intrigued both Einstein and Stephen Hawking because when you see this severe time dilation effects around the Hawking radiation or when two objects are going at relativistic speeds from each other then you know you get the time dilation differential so that the observers, while their localized clocks are not exactly the same, their measure of clocks relative to each other have drifted apart.

So what implication does that have on quantum computing? So if you are executing one hundred and ... let's figure out a unit of measurement for a second. Let's say we're able to generate 1000 [inaudible] per gigasecond. We're talking 1000 per gigasecond. What if the second tangle atom is being read at exactly the same rate by the processor? You're probably getting all these quantum signals into your quantum memory at that constant rate. However, what's not constant is the relativistic speed to each other and they are. So what we should really see that if one goes faster and in the processing [inaudible] according to the neutral observer. You're gonna have to build some pretty big sets and do comparison shopping between the sets of numbers. But that's okay. I'm sure we got people who can figure out how to do this.

Maybe write some open source code to do that, but this is not the first type of experiment with this idea of [inaudible] time dilation. You know that. You're gonna have to Google this and take my word on it that there is such a research paper. I remember reading it. I have no idea who wrote it or when it was from.

They took two accommodating clocks and one of them was on the ground. It was traveling at a constant rate through space, and the other they put on an aircraft and they knew exactly the speed. They traveled in that aircraft of a constant rate of approximately 1000 kilometers per second. What they did is they then measured the two clocks and they did find a time dilation drift between the two. So we know that this idea of constant relativistic time is in fact provable, even without huge gravitational waves as you'd see in some of the math that Stephen Hawking probably did. I don't know. I don't really understand the work he does. I understand what it means, but he's just a little bit out of my league.

This whole idea of time dilation is truly magical, because our little ape brains, you know, I firmly believe that the only way you can actually create a Turing test is to [inaudible] our understanding as a species of time because in fact even other species that do not have clocks behave differently towards time than we do. But who knows whether there's a closet effect there. What I do know is we now have the math and we now have [inaudible] and we have portals into the Q-ni. So let's do the experiments and see what they tell us because the implications of this classical time dilation study on computational throughput has my curiosity tweaked.

You know you could actually do this as an open source project. I hope your pseudocode is sweeter than mine, because I'm not sure how mine's gonna taste. It's probably full of holes and barriers to making the experiment, but that's okay. We'll find somebody who's really good [inaudible].

So I did promise to talk a little bit about the whole record label thing. I'll be totally open and up front with you guys. I'm not super rich. I did not start HP in a time when people were getting super rich from HP. Now I get Microsoft. But in the time I've spent in the recovery from my stroke, I have invested quite a lot in making this art project work and trying to bootstrap a new indie art scene in Seattle. Not that there's anything wrong with the current one, but a lot of artists out there are having a really hard time affording living here and paying their bills and it creates unnecessary stress and impacts the quality of their work and the quality of their life. I want to try and change that so [inaudible] these artists.

We're gonna carry some really rad talent. We're gonna go after all kinds of [inaudible] rap and we're gonna go after the best R&B talent around and we're gonna go after reggae, we're gonna go after afro-pop. It's about the people and what they bring. What we won't do is we're not gonna do anything that doesn't heal because that is our table stakes. So things like neo-Nazis and right wing gangbangers, forget it. They're just gonna head out somewhere else. We're not gonna do that. We love you anyway, even though your minds and your thoughts are all a bit messed up. But that's okay. There's lots of angry white people out there. It's a little weird, because honestly the genetic drift between us and our brethren around the world is extremely small. It's just a freaking expletive deleted fucking rounding era so get over it. We don't really need anymore angry white dudes.

Can you dig what I was saying about that? I'm not sure if you can. Wow. Got some ... I got some wine in my system. I'm not exactly sure what that's from, but this mic is totally rad. Oh my god.

All right, so back to the record label. So the Go Fund Me campaign ... okay, so I think the URL is gonna be gofundme.com whack, oh whack, he whacked me. H-A-K loud art. Hak Loud Art. Yeah, let's turn the volume up on it. Okay? So here's the deal. We're working on getting this so bear with us. We're a baby right. I wrote a set of principles that found this. You could say they're our version of the HP way. This is the Hack Loud way. I'd love your feedback because we're all about consent, and if you don't like our vibe, let us know. Promise me that. All right. It's a deal.

Here we go. Number one. Live fast. Die slow. Have fun always, even if you're working you can still have fun. Heal with art and I think you're gonna find some redundancy here. Share compassion with all, even yourself. Act ethically and mindful.

So number three, heal with art, share compassion with all. Number five, act ethically and mindfully. Hey, you know, you don't actually act mindfully. Mindfulness is a process so honor that process is really what that means in my mind. All of us are a work in progress in this area.

Number six, hack loud with everybody all the time. Come on, be inclusive. Everybody needs their own yellow submarine. Help them find it. Number seven, and this is one of the things I'm really good at because I make a lot of them. This is learn from your mistakes.

Number eight, pay everybody for everything. It doesn't matter as an artist what you bring to the table or as a consumer of our art, we're gonna compensate you for that. There's not sneaking around selling your data. If we sell your data and you want us to, we'll give you the money that we made off of it. We don't really need it. You need it. It's your data, it's your work. Your life is your work of art so why aren't you getting paid for it?

Okay, so we talked about mistakes. Number seven ... number seven has this special meaning in our tribe. It was the number of years that we like our of the slaves of the Israelis and they leave the fields fallow because it was a gentile thing. Now was the slavery thing a good thing? No, but letting every one go every seven years that was.

Fail fast and often, that's number nine. Number two ... number ten, and maybe if this was in order, this should be number one, but number one and number ten are really close friends. Dampen stress. We don't want stress in our lives. It's a bummer. It's when you get the blue meanies so let's dampen it down like a fire, like embers sit there by themselves.

Hey, number 11, yeah, that's all your fingers plus a toe, okay. Care about your water brothers. If you don't know what a water brother is, think about it for a second. These are the people that are so close inside your brain that you share so much energy with you would share your waters with them, whether it's the waters from your body or the waters from your bath or hot spring, it doesn't matter. One of the nice thing about water brothers is you build so much trust that they're water brothers or you're water brothers. No questions asked. Because you know that water brother would never pick a water brother you wouldn't like.

Number 12, listen and debate. Sleep, meditate, try again. Number 13, and this one's dear to my heart. Your body is your craft. Have fun. There's a lot of fun things you can do with your body. Find out what they are, but remember, our guiding principle is to heal. Yes, I know, some of the really fun stuff is kind of self destructive, but welcome to the human paradox. But you know, maybe with science we can heal that wound as well. We'll see.

Number 14, and this is kind of ... well, it's a trend, you'll get it. Number 14, holes don't matter, except the one in your heart. Gender is arbitrary except genetically. That's number 15. You guys, honestly, this whole human idea of gender and male machismo and all of that, that's synthetic. Sure, there's probably a causative thing going on there with testosterone. Hey, that's another broadcast for another day.

Number 16, and if you're Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young fan you'll get this one. Love the one you're with. Those inside and those outside that you feel, because you know what? If you don't love yourself it's really hard to love the person you're kissing or even just sitting next to being cozy with because being cozy is super important. If you don't give and take enough hugs every day, it's not good for you. Your body needs it. That would be an interesting podcast wouldn't it? [inaudible] the hug reflex. We'll see.

Number 17, honor the HP way. That's Hewlett Packard. So Google the HP way. They're good dudes that got together in the garage and did an art project and started Silicon Valley. It's pretty rad stuff. But I think we need something a little bit more modern so we're gonna honor that, but we are not going to just do the HP way. We're gonna do the Hack Loud way.

Number 18, and this is something that's a real challenge for me because I have a different perception in the flow of time. I always want to do things fast because I live fast, die slow. Number 18, ask for consent. Ask for consent. Seek no harms. Seek no harms. Ask for consent.

Number 19, this is a salute to beam me up, Scottie. Be bold. Go where others have not. Be bold. Go where others have not. Gene Roddenberry, I would have loved to meet you, my god.

So, thank you very much for listening to this rant and I'm gonna try and figure out ... there it is. I figured it out. So if you go to www, you know wah wah wah dot go fund me dot com to hack loud, H-A-K L-O-U-D art, all one word, no spaces. There's no space in Go Fund Me in the URL. Thank you so much for listening to me. Thank you, Jessie, for this amazing microphone that we managed to find. I hope it sounds good.

Hey, it's been rad. Thanks for listening. We'll see you around. Bye.

A lot of heroes involved in creating this podcast. My first and closest hero I'd like to thank is myself, is Steven [inaudible]. I just can't even believe it's me. I suffer a little bit from delusions of failure and friction, so thanks for putting up with my test cases.

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