Quni Episode 12

Steven M.:This is audio check. Welcome to the Poet's Guide to the [Cuniverse]. My name is Steven [McLove]. I'm a lifetime prisoner of the tech industry from Seattle, Washington. What you're about to hear is my poetical view and some might say heretical view of the quantum universe. One of the things it left me when I had my stroke and brain damage was a gift to understand and talk about this stuff and maybe even create music. We'll see how that turns out. Thanks for listening and just note if you have small children or if you don't like them hearing expletives, please listen at a time where it won't disturb them. My personal opinion is expletives never hurt anyone. In fact, they're quite cool and creative, so enjoy the podcast. Take care. May all your endeavors bring love and joy to the world. Thanks for listening to the Cuniverse: A poet's guide to the cuniverse.

This episode is about healing for me and hopefully for you as well. It's been such an amazing and a very intense week in seeking healing for my pains. I had really good news last week that much of the chronic pain I've been having since I picked strawberries after my 12th back surgery or whatever it was, is not a back issue. It's actually a hip issue. Got a little bit of arthritis going there, but luckily nothing serious. Got that under control. That makes me super jazzed about that. That's not really what we're gonna talk about. I want to talk about some diversity issues. I went to this amazing place in Oregon, this hot springs that used to be a tribal healing spot. The energy is amazing there and the people that go there are amazing as well. We met some amazing people. The reason we went was for healing and that was not what we got, but we do have an opportunity to learn forgiveness and forgiveness is so important, so I don't carry that baggage with me. We get to choose what we leave in the past and what we take with us.

I got a couple of paddle switches. Pedal switches. No, I've got a paddle board in my refrigerator. No, I don't. I don't have a paddle board in my refrigerator. It's in my garage. Sorry, wrong cold place. My garage is cold, kind of like a refrigerator. Anyway, we went to Oregon. I love Oregon. I thought, well I'll go to this place to try as we go. Honestly, you know my rant about tribes. We're all about the same. Very little difference. Sure, we like our own tribe. We have to. We programmed, but we're humans and humans can decide their own programming. At this amazing resort called Brighton Bush in Oregon, there's an amazing piano and some of the staff there are such healers. It's amazing. I met the dude there in the kitchen. If you want to go to a place and find out who runs the fucking place, go talk to the dude in the kitchen or dudette. In my case, it's been my sister or Eric at Brighton Bush. What a nice guy.

I met some other nice people that I didn't really get a chance to [inaudible] entirely. I took my service dog with me. As you know, I'm a stroke sufferer and this dog has saved my life so many times. You cannot even imagine. It's my well-o-meter as well as my rescue dog. It keeps me from walking out in traffic. If you've been around me, you know when I'm tried, my left side is dead to me. I don't get a choice about that. My old self was not that way, but I've gotten so many beautiful things from that stroke. I can't complain, but I am disabled and I am a person on disability. I'm in a protected class. I take my wonderful little puppy, my two and a half year old amazing animal I call [Pa-Tosh], like Peter Tosh. She's actually the second Tosh. I had another Tosh when I was little. That was a puppy. She's actually named after a designer my dad had. I think she was Italian, actually and I think her name was Natasha, but I'm not sure. I was young and did not know her well.

Let me tell you what happened. We get to this place really late and luckily I had some snacks packed, but not enough for meals. They fed us after hours. It was really nice and I got to meet Eric. Tosh hung out with us and then we said, "Hey, let's go to the waters." Tosh had been sitting in the car all day and was really stressed about leaving, so we decided, let's leave her in the room because this dog needs training being alone as well as being with people. Dogs don't need to be working all the time, just like people don't and she was working all the way. She needed a break, so I gave her a break back in the cabin that we had, but I guess somebody complained about her. She was probably crying, which she does the first hour or half hour, but that's part of the training. We are not the happy department of the dog [inaudible], here. She's a working dog. She needs her downtime. They came and made me walk all the way back to my cabin.

What I realized, and I didn't really know how bad I was at the time, was I had tweaked my knee running in the mud because when you run and you have hips that need to be realigned, it's really important that you keep them mobile and keep all those [inaudible] limber. I need to run. Just a little sprinting and running. I slipped on the mud and I tweaked my weak knee and I do have a weak left knee. You know already. My left knee is my kryptonite. We all have a kryptonite. I walked all the way back to retrieve my animal and I realized I didn't have a leash, so I tied a wire on her, which turned out to be the perfect snag proof leash, but when my left side is dead to me, I don't have a hand to handle the dog, so I let her be leash-less and she is. She's great. Let me tell you, this is a 24 pound miniature toy moodle poodle, mixed from the streets of Tijuana. One side, 70% [inaudible] (the royal hunting dog). Your royalist friend. She is. She's royalty. On the other side, she's got [inaudible] shepherd and these are the dogs that are used on the steps of the [Kirsh] Mountains to herd the sheep and lambs and the sheep and the goats, so they don't eat all the Afghan cush up.

Yeah, so she protects my land races for me. Thank you very much shepherds. If you see them working, dog work, you know they are very happy working and she is, too. I hiked back to my cabin and of course, I got lost and then on the way back I said, "Tosh, I'll let you go where you want to. I'll follow you." We found some really great places. I wish I'd taken my camera with me, but I wasn't that bright because I'm worried about people's privacy. The hot springs, so I don't carry my camera around because I'd just be using it everywhere. It was such a cool venue. I really tweaked my knee and to be honest with you, it bummed me out. I did not tell my partner while I was gone because it was my negative energy. I wanted to suck it in as a sponge and deal with it. She was on vacation. She did not need that negative energy, so I kept it inside and we carried on. By then, my knee was exploding and magnificent landscapes of really intense pain. You know when you're in intense pain, you're not a loving person. You're not supposed to be. You want to run away from the pain.

I sat and discussed with myself. I said, I'm going to please my partner because I am in such pain. I need to heal somebody. I did and that was amazing. Thank you for the suffering of that day. Next morning, I go to enjoy the amazing views. It was a beautiful blue sky day. Tosh is with us and I still don't have my rope leash, which is what I normally use. It ties to me and I can use a carabiner, so my hands are free because when you only have one working hand, you need your hands free. A staffer came up to me while I was in the meditation pool. This is the pool where you're not allowed to talk and she basically kicked me off the property for being disabled and having a dog. I asked her, "Are you kicking us out because my partner is black or are you kicking me out because why? Because I'm disabled? Do you have a section of the resort that's reserved for the disabled, where you can put us in a little container and make sure your guests don't have to experience somebody who's different?"

We're in Oregon. It shouldn't matter at a healing place. That was my reaction. I did not tell my partner about it because she is a militant activist as am I, but I needed healing. I needed time to find out who the place was run by and I did that. She was sweet. I gave her a copy of my book. I left a copy of my book in the library because it's full of meditations that are beautiful I hot waters. Any quiet places of the mind because you know the hot springs is an ancient place. The tribes would heal there. How could I turn this very, very negative experience when I needed healing into something healing. I did that by pleasing my partner and we slept deeply and we woke up in the morning, not refreshed, but ready for the day. All of a sudden we're having to get out of the cabin. You have to remember, when I wake up in the morning, I can barely walk and my left side is still dead to me and my knee is having explosions of pain, if I use it wrong because it needs rest and recovery time, which is why I came there in the first place.

I [inaudible]. I do think that Brighton Bush Hot Springs should invite me back to run a diversity seminar for all the staff members because I'm sure it is a matter of training. Honestly, there's assholes everywhere that do asshole things. It's like, what's that game where the heads keep popping out of the ground? You hit it one more time and go back and forth. You hit it back and forth. The assholes pop up everywhere, but you know what? People can be trained to be mindful and I think that myself and my partner, Ms. Asha, can help with that because she is amazing on the diversity front. Don't give me the diversity thing and then you're in this lily white environment.

We're gonna be moving into new digs as well. I'm not gonna tell you where it is. We'll have a house warming. At Brighton Bush the thing that was special was there was this slightly out of tune piano sitting. It's upright. It had a really bizarre sound. I felt like I was in Berlin playing in an old church with this old crickety piano. You know what I'm talking about. If you follow [Kiff] Jared at all, you know who I'm talking about. Unlike him, I can't play piano. I just [inaudible]. He can play it. One day I'll learn to play piano and then you'll be proud of me. Will you be proud of me, if I learn to play this instrument? Please? I need somebody to be proud of me because it was a really hard weekend. Thank you for listening to me and think of old pianos in your dreams because one day we'll go there and record a record there. Maybe I can get my friend Joel Tepp to go with us and bring instrument. What do you think, Joel?

Hey, have an amazing day. I hope all your endeavors bring joy and happiness and love to those around you, including yourself. This has been a discussion of diversity of handicap people in the cuniverse. We'll talk about more, believe me. We're not finished with this subject because honestly, this society we live in does not know how to deal with people with handicap or disabled, but I am handicap. Don't you understand? I start my golf game with a dead limb. I'm not quite ready to bury me, yet. I'll live fast, die very slow. Love you, bye. Thanks for listening. Bye. Bye for now. I have heroes involved in creating this podcast, so my first and closest hero I'd like to thank is myself, is Steven McLove. I just can't even believe it's me. I suffer a little bit from delusions of failure and friction, so thanks for putting up with my test cases. Next up is Jesse Huey because he does magic, so thanks for the magic. Please subscribe via your favorite podcast channel. Thanks.