Quni Episode 13

Steven Michalov:Okay, this is audio check. Welcome to the Poet's Guide to the [Q-universe].

My Name's Steven Michalov. I'm a lifetime prisoner of the tech industry, from Seattle, Washington. What you're about to hear is my poetical view, and some might say heretical view, of the quantum universe, the Q-universe. One of the things that left me when I had my stroke and brain damage, was a gift to understand and talk about this stuff, and maybe even create music. We'll see how that turns out.

So thanks for listening, and just to note, if you have small children, or if you don't like them hearing expletives, please listen at a time where it won't disturb them. My personal opinion is that expletives never hurt anyone. In fact, they're quite cool and creative. So enjoy the podcast. Take care. May all your endeavors bring love and joy. Thanks for listening to the Q-universe. A Poet's Guide to the Q-universe.

Hey, why not do another double episode? So this is time related, so more math, but fun math because it's math by economists. So let's talk about the fungibility of money. Okay? Is everybody with me about that?

So there's two types of money you can spend. Even an accounting, this is true. You can spend the kind of money that you have. That's present tense money, but you can also spend future tense money. So let's talk about the fungibility of money. So when you're a business enterprise or even a human being, and strangely and oddly enough, the Supreme Court has made a determination that corporations are humans, so go figure that out. Well, if they are, there should be a judicial system for them. Wait, there is, it's called the Securities and Exchange Commission.

So let's talk about that for a minute. So when I spend money as a company, I can choose to spend the money that I have in my cash flow, asset base. If you're a human being, that's your net worth. So a company has assets, and you have returns on those assets. Just like you do as a human being, because you are your own best asset. So we'll get into that in another broadcast. Let's talk about the fungibility of money.

So when you put money into a holding pool, it's like water. Let's say if I have a drink of water from rain, and another one from the creek up the stream, and that's fed by snow, it goes into the lake, and it creates this big pool of what? H2O, and a bunch of other wonderful things. It's an amazing resource, water is. So is water, so is money.

So that water is fungible. Once it enters in the pool, you don't know what the source is, and there's two ways money can enter into your pool of money, into your net worth, or your asset base. As a future asset, or as a current asset. So when you're borrowing money at the bank, when I go and borrow money for a car, or borrowing money for a house. So they're betting on that future income that doesn't exist. So they're using the fungibility principle.

And, I want you to know I'm looking out the window, and my cat is looking inside. It's usually the other way. Usually cat's inside looking out, but in this case she's on the roof looking in. Should I go open the door for her? Do we have a vote for that? Okay, let's go get Sophia in. Yeah, she's no Sophia Loran. she's much cooler than that. Yeah, because she's Sophie. She's my pet. Oh my God. I gotta go let her in. I'm going to stand up. She's looking at me. Hold on. I'll be right back. I'm going to go open the door. Here we go. I'll right back.

Sophia, Do you want me to come in? Oh my God. Let's go see. Come on. I'm opening the door. Kitty, kitty? Sophia? Sophia? Do you want to come in? Come on, hey. Hey.

Okay, so let's talk about the fungibility of money. Okay. So having only a cat is kind of like being a sex worker, you know? What I mean by that, is I'm not denigrating anybody that works in the industry. I have a lot of respect for them. It's super hard, and they are fearless, and amazing in my mind. And, I'm extremely proud to know a number of people that understand that selling their erotic assets are very important, indeed.

But anyway, let's talk about fungibility and cats, since the Sophia principal. So she's sitting in the window, and she's looking in, and she wants to get in. And of course you get up to open the door for her, but then she ... I tried to pick her up off the roof, so she would come in, because I want her to come in now. But, she just wanted to make sure I was willing to pay attention to her, which is totally cool because she's a cat.

It's like being a sex worker, you have to work for good sex. It doesn't matter whether you are on the giving end, or the receiving end there. In fact, there's no difference. Even if you're paying for sex, you better be doing a damn good job. You know what I mean? So it doesn't matter. We all have to be nice to each other, and if a sex worker, if someone is willing to share her, or his, emotional and body capital with you, respect that by doing a good job, be nice. Do your part to heal that person, and don't think you're going to rescue them, you're not.

They might just be slutty, like me. You know, I'm a pretty slutty person, and as a dude, I'm pretty promiscuous as well, but not as much as many because I have to have a really amazing chemistry for that. But it doesn't mean I'm monogamous, I'm just not built for that. Maybe I could be with the right person, but we'll see. Too much information, probably.

Let's get back to the fungibility of money. So when you pay for college with a college fund, that's the fungibility of money in principle.

Anyway I gotta run.

Let's get [inaudible]. Yeah, okay, let's go get my date. That's what I need, I forgot about it. That's okay.

Have a wonderful time and let's talk about the fungibility of money, and some other stuff, another time. I'm going to go play with my toys. I hope you get some toys too. See what they are. They should be part of what you are.

Love you. Bye.

A lot of heroes involved in creating this podcast. So my first and closest to hero I'd like to thank is myself, is Steven Michalov. I just can't even believe it's me. I suffer a little bit from delusions of failure, and friction, so thanks for putting up with my test cases.

Next up is [Jessie Huey] because he does magic. So, thanks for the magic.

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