Quni Episode 17

Speaker 1:Hello, listeners of the [Intrapazine 00:00:08]. Welcome to the Quniverse. Yes, the Quni. The poet's guide to yours.

Speaker 1:So, we've talked about a lot of about the carrier wave, principles that I've been talking about, [Dine] and many other things like that. Tonight, we are going to talk about the fact that time can only be modulated by energetic ax and approximate to the timeline. This is still a pretty light subject and we will to talk about that later, when we can [inaudible 00:01:05]. But this is just a little taste of things to come. Yeah, you know we do have, what? I don't know, 27 pages to go through. So let's start with section 1.03. I don't know what page number this is. Actually, it's page number seven. There we go.

Speaker 1:Are we ready? Yeah, I feel really ready. Let's do this. Let's talk about this next episode of the cure. So happy you could join me. Oh, my God, it's so lovely to have you here and I hope this new setup is working well, 'cause it sounds like it's working well to me. I know I'm supposed to be closer the mic and I'll try to be tonight. Here we go.

Speaker 1:This section is called Time Can Be Modulated by Energetic Ax Only in Proximity to The Timeline. This gets back to the proximity theory of time. If you've read any of my works on academia or LinkedIn, you will see repeated mention on the stacking of immovable objects as a way to innovate. I do this very intentionally. It's what I've done my entire career. I don't do old, I do new. I always have. Not all that old stuff. Sorry, you're gonna have to find somebody else. I'll fix it and I know how to work it, but I'm not gonna wield that old stuff. I can't get myself to do it. I'm sure you can find somebody. It should work.

Speaker 1:This gets to be one of the core foundational principles of [inaudible 00:03:53]. Because when time can't be modulated, you can always scratch the surface of time. The things that make the deep scratches. No, I'm talking about the first love. No, I'm not talking about the first cut being the deepest. That was a lovely song and I don't even remember it. Which is shameful, really shameful for me.

Speaker 1:But, it's not the most shameful thing I've heard anyway. How are you? Stick with me for a moment here.

Speaker 1:So you know if you look at the entropy of energy in the universe. You see steep decays for certain types of information. This is not true about things on the timeline. This is where we have the [Augmandus effect 00:06:00]. Into fragile ability. This is also an expression here, because only the things that are even tragile can survive. This is really a common property. It's kind of like the bottom of this protocol stack. We'll certainly get some guests to talk about it. Let's go onto the next one. Let's just do a fast speed date through the common properties.

Speaker 1:The next common property is, time is comprosed of a wave form. That wave form is comprised of particles and information that can be modulated for the persistent thoughts, like algorithms and protocols to let them connect and stay this energy balances. These are things that are on the top of the Pareto curve. This is where they could fall away or they'll [inaudible] away on the bell curve. But you know there's always the far end of the bell curve.

Speaker 1:So you know. You do know. Yes, you do know the whole thing about ... you do know about algorithms and protocols. To the cards and stateless energy balances flow.

Speaker 1:There we go. We'll see how it goes. Turn that down. A stateless energy balance, what is that? That's where you're at the top of the curve when the Pareto curve certainly isn't getting near downward, the less they go in an equal distance from total decay. However, a large [inaudible] decay. But with [inaudible] you always do. Information will always fill available a space, since it requires infrastructure as a prerequisite. That's pretty cool. In other words, you need something that takes some space out.

Speaker 1:Let's get to the next one. Space time is an energy less. They cannot intersect the space since time is energy less. In other words, time does not have energy. It can't intersect the space. You can thank Einstein for that one. Let's get to the next one.

Speaker 1:This one, space is comprised of information. But it cannot co-exist with the time axis that is in the section between the fundamental layers. I mean I don't mean joining the two layers from particles of time cannot transit space from an infrastructure to a [inaudible] transit. Capozzi says he can't have a network without a network. Pretty cool, huh? Okay, the next one is due to human life of discovery of this key frequency, improbabilistic nature of this transit. Living [inaudible] until they trade. This transit there has to be discovered by small trips to the [inaudible] experiments. The ability to manipulate a bigger section of time and space isn't imperative, since most of the universe is filled with informational structure.

Speaker 1:[Administry 00:12:35], what could that be? The next is the theoretical observation. We notice that the presence of dark matter in the universe. The attraction, the information universe is time is caused by the protocols that on future and time is causal. Modulations only carry away time. Oh, my God. Whatever that mean, we'll have to figure out [inaudible] anyway. Proximate time will be depleted when digency reaches critical mass. Yeah, and we have a big bang. Boom. Then the nuclear sphere, this is a highly energetic event called ... I'm just giving it a nickname.

Speaker 1:Okay. We're on number 13, oh, my God. Number 13, we survived to get to 13. Once time reaches zero states, it allows the holes to be created and filled with information. Saturation is reached and expansions, I hope you're getting this. The universe is reformed. Number 13 is the story of [Veeper 00:14:12]. That's gonna be all for tonight. I think it's all I can handle and all you can handle.

Speaker 1:Okay, thanks. I hope someone enjoyed this episode and hopefully gets to this part gets sliced and have a good night. I hope all your dreams come true, whatever they might be. From us at Healing Arts to you, have an amazing evening or a day or whatever. Free your mind. You're listening to the sub podcast. Thanks so much for listening. Wow. It's been so much fun. I've been kinda tired, I've been kinda tired. Good night.

Speaker 1:Hey, anyway. Thank you very much for listening. My name is-