Steven Michalove


Steven built a number of “first” during his 20 year tenure at Hewlett-Packard then 11 years at Microsoft during the build out of our modern cloud based computing infrastructure.  As well as a brief stint at Amazon. During his time in industry he was a PM developer then migrated HP’s x.25 private MUXed based infrastructure to both LAN and Intranet integration.  After a number of years building network infrastructure in Europe, Latin America, Canada and the United States. He deployed the first US sales office server deployment based on HP-UX Servers.Then he moved quickly into security and cryptography being the first to deploy an enterprise wide encryption solution based upon Windows technologies.  He has constantly been driving at the emerging edge of tech and business. Now he is the CTO and founder of a new type of telecommunications hardware provider that will build the next generation of hosting solutions for the next chapter in the information age — Networked Quantum Computing.

As a writer and artist he has also published an book (Signals from the Left Behind)  and produced an accompanying CD. and written numerous essays on the future of quantum computing and innovation as well as security.   He has collaborated with a number of writers and written for magazines. He represented Microsoft in written and verbal testimony with regards to encryption at the State Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

He is a certified PSIA Alpine level I instructor and avid paddler and enjoys yoga, martial arts, and hiking as well as photography.

Having started with amature radio around 1973, he demonstrated his aptitude for technology from an early age. Through a constant diet of Heathkit electronics projects, he became a student teaching assistant in physics and chemistry from 1977 – 1979. After learning Fortran on paper cards in 1980 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he began in commercial software development on distributed non-networked systems in 1982 then quickly moved to ALGOL on Digital TOPS20 where he started using EMACS.

Michalove moved in 1981 to Turbo Pascal Development and Data Flex on multiprocessor CP/M based systems. He joined Bill Hewlett and David Packard at Hewlett-Packard in 1985. His first enterprise software deployment was written in Vienna where it was used in Prague prior to the existence of the Internet. This was the first known PC-based business software solution to be used at a subsidiary at HP and it was deprecated 6 years later. He then moved to HP-UX and X-Windows usage and support whilst performing multiple network projects from ThinLAN to ThickLAN. During his 20-year tenure at HP in the United States and Europe, he participated in the hands-on creation of HP’s private Internet and voice network.  

Michalove participated in multiple data center consolidation projects in Europe and the Americas—including creation of the HP Intranet network at manufacturing facilities on the East Coast of the US and Canada, Latin America,  and Northern Europe. He has worked with network technologies thru multiple generations of protocols from numerous network layers such as RS-232, ThinLAn, ThickLAN, twisted pair, NewBridge MUX grooming of E1/T1, OC192 multiplexing, and AT&T DAC operations. He worked with network service providers throughout Europe and the Americas on both private data and voice networking, burst testing of E1 circuits for Voice and Data, and he operated and integrated analog PTSN PBX’s.    

Michalove is considered one of the original builders of the Internet infrastructure and early virtual private voice networking based upon PTSN technologies including SS7 and OSSI based systems.

In 2006, Michalove moved to Microsoft and built a cyber security and privacy compliance program. Institutionalized at Microsoft, his program has evolved since and continues to evolve further today. In 2007, he took over the deployment of desktop cryptography and helped to develop the very strategies and technology Microsoft now sells for the management of full-volume encryption. He was the first to encrypt an entire corporation using Windows technologies;  This encryption program was also institutionalized and continues to run today. Michalove then joined the team designing and defining requirements for the Windows Mobile OS. As part of the great move to the Consumerization of IT programs, he developed and deployed mobile phone operations at Microsoft for the enterprise-wide deployment, proposed and helped design claims-based-authentication—which is now a key feature of Microsoft Intune and Azure Domain authentication for mobile devices.  He has performed special projects for Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) and his reports or various enterprise lead goals were provided to the Board of Directors at Microsoft for almost a decade.